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Unconscious Habits

We have been living in programmed unconscious habits since our childhood. In order to get out of these habits we have to learn how we work as conscious emotional beings.

Self Investment

We tend to find it very easy to invest our time in doing things that may give us "quick win" feelings. Things such as going out to the club and bars to take our minds off the mental pain we feel.

But what this is doing is creating distractions for us (copping mechanisms). Anything that is taking our attention away from us feeling our emotions, is going in the opposite direction of healing.

From an early age we learnt to deal with emotional pain by pushing it away. This is not a healthy way of being.

The way we heal any emotional pain and trauma is by going towards the pain, not away from it. So investing time into your own healing journey is the key to be able to heal the aspects of yourself that need to be healed.

Get used to prioritising your healing journey over most things in your life. Your healing is one of the most important things in your life as YOU are the most important thing in your life.

Becoming The New You

This powerful healing meditation will change your life.
Learn how to get out of your old worrying thoughts and manifest the life you desire.

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