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Becoming The New You


This meditation will reprogramme your mind and body in a very strong way to manifest your desired life. Leading to BECOMING THE NEW YOU.

Our worrying thoughts turn on the stress response in our body that releases stress hormones which are highly addictive. This is how we become addicted to our worrying thoughts. Long terms stress in the body leads to pushing the genetic buttons to disease, which means our thoughts make us sick.

The way we stop this is learning how to observe our thoughts so that we can choose which thoughts to align with. You are separate from your thoughts.

In this meditation I guide you into being pure consciousness.

You will get to a stage of releasing all parts of your vehicle that your consciousness is driving which we call "the body".

At the moment of being pure consciousness I will teach you how to align with new thoughts and back them up with your desired feelings and emotions, such as love or abundance.

This is not only very beneficial for your mental health but it is very healing as well. This helps us in the moments that our emotions get the best of us. We can also use it to improve the relationships that we have in our lives.

Doing this meditation daily for a minimum of 30 days will get you out of the pattern of the regular worrying thoughts that are feeding the body with the stress that we experience. This will reduce the amount of stress you experience overall, which in turn will result to feeling a significant change in your life. 

This meditation includes breathwork at the start. To learn how to do the breathwork CLICK HERE



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Sample Of Meditation

What People Had To Say about this Meditation

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Rodriques Miller

I started using Arian Samouie's “Becoming the New You” guided meditation, and I truly started creating a new, healed version of myself!!! I am so grateful to have been guided to his TikTok page, where I saw one of his videos stating, “if you try this guided meditation for 21 days, you're going to see a great change in your life.” I said it couldn't hurt, lol, and I tried it for 21 days, and I never stopped because I began to see and feel myself heal and gain a greater Love for life and myself. I have to thank him for allowing himself to be used to bring healing and unconditional Love to others. 🙌🏾♥️✨

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Ciobanu Corina

I’ve been looking for a long time for a meditation that focuses on my thoughts and this particular one was an amazing experience. The beginning of the meditation is truly intense the way that I felt the energy moving in my body was truly unique experience. Thank you 🙏

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David Burgess

What can I say about what I have just experienced? Unbelievable the way Arian explains the reasons we do everything ie the movement, the breath, it is just amazing.

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