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Transform Your Company Culture

Elevate your team

My consulting services not only enhance emotional well-being and foster personal growth but also cultivate emotional intelligence. This transformative approach contributes to a stronger, more connected work environment, fostering individual well-being and benefiting your company as a whole.

Bridging Cultural Gaps

Growing up between Western British and Middle Eastern cultures granted me a nuanced understanding of how cultural backgrounds shape human behavior.

Born into diverse cultures, I've absorbed the best from each, offering valuable insights into personality, beliefs, behaviours and preferences.

Leveraging this understanding, I provide a distinctive perspective to enhance and shape company cultures amid our increasingly open world.


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Nicholas Crown

I was looking for a business and performance coach but found something far more profound with Arian’s process and insight. We went to the root patterns that unlocked more growth than 100 business courses. I consider Arian to be one of the most emotionally intelligent leaders I’ve ever met. I walked away from each session with something enormously valuable.

Services Offered

Below are the services I offer, meticulously designed to uplift your company's culture and empower your team with the tools and insights needed for sustained growth and well-being.

Wellness Workshops


Collaborative workshops designed to deepen relationships and connections within your company's community. These workshops create a healthier work environment, promoting personal growth in a safe and supportive atmosphere.


  • Workshop Curriculum: Comprehensive sessions on effective communication, team building, and emotional intelligence.
  • Workshop Sessions: Interactive sessions tailored to your company's needs.
  • Training Materials: Engaging resources to support the workshop.
  • Facilitation: Expert guidance to ensure active participation and achievement of learning objectives.


Foster improved relationships, connections, and a healthier work environment. Empower individuals with enhanced relational skills for a stronger, more positive organizational culture.


Tailored to your company's progress and needs.


Empower your team with skills for healthier and more effective connections, resulting in improved working relationships and a thriving organizational culture.

One-on-One Coaching


Personalized one-on-one growth sessions offered separately from workshops, providing focused attention and guidance for those seeking deeper personal development.


1-hour individual growth sessions scheduled during the workshop retreat.


Gain invaluable insights, experience personal growth, and enjoy the benefits of a supportive and transformative journey.

Bulk Purchase of Online Content


Immersive online program focusing on raising self-awareness and enhancing emotional intelligence, providing lifetime access for continuous learning.


Unlimited access to video lessons and self-assessment tools.


Enhanced self-awareness, improved emotional intelligence, stress reduction, enhanced interpersonal skills, greater self-confidence, and personal and professional growth.


Unlock transformative benefits for individuals and organizations, leading to a more fulfilled and successful life journey.

Pricing and Investment

Detailed pricing information can be discussed further during our consultation. Each service option is tailored to match your company's needs.

Transform Your Culture

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