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Work With Arian

Book a call wth me to embark on a transformative journey, carefully crafted to empower you on the path to self-discovery and personal growth.

Throughout this experience, you'll benefit from weekly one-on-one sessions with me, your guide, alongside a wealth of valuable materials in your personalized online space.

As you navigate this dynamic program, engaging with enriching online content and participating in empowering one-to-one sessions, you'll develop the skills to become your own self-healer.

By the end of this journey, you'll have elevated your self-awareness, refined emotional intelligence, and acquired the tools to confidently navigate life's challenges.

Become Your Own Self Healer

Learn the art of self-healing, elevate your self-awareness, and cultivate emotional intelligence for lasting positive change.

Discover and address your childhood trauma for lasting healing and understanding.

We'll delve into powerful tools and practical techniques, fostering a deeper connection with yourself.

Let's unlock the full potential of your journey and embrace the positive transformations that awaits.

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Hear from the people that have already worked with me

Become A Great Leader

This journey is for everyone, whether you're aspiring to enhance your leadership skills or seeking healing for true happiness.

Weekly Schedule

Here the list of what we will be covering on this journey of self discovery.

We delve into the essence of trauma and explore its prevalence in our lives. We uncover a crucial lesson about the significance of connection with others. Understanding what occurs during moments of trauma, how it impacts us, and the coping mechanisms we employ is essential for embarking on a journey of self-integration. This lesson initiates the process of self-discovery and sets us on the path towards cultivating compassion, a necessary element for achieving our goals.
Your reality is shaped by the beliefs you hold without even realizing it. It's crucial to bring these hidden beliefs into your awareness. you'll understand what beliefs are, how they're formed, and why they matter so much. Once you identify them, you'll learn how to change the ones that aren't serving you anymore.
Through this journey, you'll gain valuable insights into your emotional self. We explore how your feelings and emotions profoundly influence what you need to understand and how you interpret internal communication. I'll guide you in understanding the nature of your feelings and emotions, and how to harness them effectively. This understanding is key to reclaiming your power and transitioning out of survival mode.
Understanding yourself as an emotional being is incredibly valuable in this lifetime. This involves grasping how your consciousness operates. In this lesson, I lead you towards a part of yourself that has always existed, even if it feels elusive. I teach you about the observer within you, allowing you to experience this aspect of yourself. It's a significant step towards embracing your most authentic self.
The core of this journey is understanding your emotional self to address the unconscious aspects within. These are the parts that hold deep-seated pain, seemingly beyond our control. Building on your previous knowledge, we focus on integrating these parts of yourself and facilitating lasting healing. Additionally, along with experiencing it yourself, you will have access to a live healing session, offering you a real-time glimpse into the process and its outcomes.
By this point, you'll have acquired sufficient knowledge to embark on self-healing. However, a common stumbling block on this journey is navigating inner conflict. This is where parts work becomes invaluable. It's among the most potent tools you'll acquire, and mastering its usage is a highly valuable experience. In this lesson, you'll learn how to effectively apply parts work to address inner conflicts and facilitate your healing journey.

Hear From People That Have Worked With Me

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Maria Sandoval

My name is Maria and I wanted to take the time to write a review to honor the work Arian has been doing and express the gratitude of how it has shifted my life. I am so incredibly grateful for this class that Arian created and highly recommended working with him. I had been so deep into shadow work I didn’t realize I was missing what was always in front of me. His concise and straight to the point teaching style is refreshing and saved me years of figuring out two major steps I was not seeing or addressing in my method. I operate now with such compassion and feeling of validation toward this flesh bag now. To know deep in my soul, my bones that the way I was trying to heal was always the medicine I was seeking and is being brought to reality by others who are working on creating this new earth.

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Lori Lopel

The decision to participate in the 'Beyond The Shadows' course is the best investment I have ever made. I have spent years mired in self-doubt and believing something was wrong with me. Arian’s guidance, affiliated coursework, and the sessions themselves are filled with information that have removed the scales that clouded my vision. The self-awareness that is gained from these teachings is invaluable. It has forever changed my life and how I view the world around me. The observer meditation is a very powerful tool and can help you navigate the most difficult emotions and situations. Arian is an outstanding instructor whose teachings are supported by professional curated presentations. This coupled with the corresponding coursework is easy to understand, effective and enlightening. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is seeking true inner peace.


Are you ready to unlock your potential? Join me on this empowering journey of self-discovery to find out everything you need to know by scheduling a call with me.

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