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Core Wounds

Our deep subconscious beliefs.

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We have many traumatic experiences throughout our childhood that we give meaning to.

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These meanings become our beliefs. And the more similar experiences we have, the more we back up the meaning and believe it.

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This is now our reality. We create a life where we are not good enough, because our past experiences strengthen that core belief.

How We Work

We currently live in the emotional dark age. Growing up, we have many different experiences that are emotionally neglectful. These experiences have affected us much more than we would think they have. In the moment of experiencing emotional neglect (trauma), what we do is give meaning to that experience.

We are brought up learning and being taught that we shouldn't feel the way we do. But our feelings are our guidance system to let us know if we are in alignment with our natural state or not. No one has the ability to control or change their feelings as that's not how we work.

So it's understandable that when you are being told that you shouldn't feel the way you do, EVEN thought deep inside, you know that it is the way you feel, then you would believe that there is something wrong with you. You would give the meaning that you are broken and not capable.

Having experiences like this over and over again throughout your life, you back up these meanings every time something like this happens to you. These are what your core wounds are. They are the meanings that you have given to experiences that are now your beliefs which live in your subconscious running daily that cause you to feel the way you do.

To learn more about your core wounds, watch my video below.

What Are Your Core Wounds?

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