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Emotionally Heal Yourself

Emotional Healing empowers you to take back control, so that you can align yourself in the direction towards your desires and manifest the life that you want.

This 11-part course will help you understand and teach you how to Emotionally Heal Yourself.

You will learn how to resolve the anxiety, anger, guilt, and shame that you have, increasing your self awareness to help reduce stress and break free from living in survival mode.

The skills you will learn during this course will remain valuable for the rest of your life.


All products can be purchased with different currencies.
Prices may fluctuate slightly due to the dynamic nature of currency conversion rates.

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What You'll Get

This course gives you lifetime access to all learnings and can be accessed via both desktop & mobile (iOS & Android) apps.

With your digital copy of this course, you will gain access to.

✓ 11 dedicated course modules.✓ Close to 4 hours of exclusive video footage.✓ Reusable self-help worksheet on ‘How to change a belief‘.✓ Guided meditation session on ‘Healing your inner child‘.✓ Keep track of your progress by checking off completed module.✓ Full control of video speed and playback options.

I am now more accepting of myself, and all my emotions and my triggers. I’m actually excited when I get a trigger now, because it shows me that there’s an aspect of me that’s ready to be healed. I get a chance to look at it and listen to it, accept it, and find out what’s going on

- Nicola Chan Verified Purchaser

What you'll learn

This course will help you take back control of your life. You’ll learn how to break free from your past self to finally start living your truly desired life.

You’ll learn:

✓ How to resolve your anxiety, anger, guilt and shame FOR GOOD.✓ What emotional trauma actually is and how learn how to heal from it.✓ How to reduce stress.✓ Align with your desired thoughts.✓ What shadow work is and raise your understanding of how you work as a human being.✓ How to change any belief you have about yourself to a more desirable one.✓ What self love is, and start accepting and loving the rejected parts of yourself.

get immediately access to the course

You Already Have The Power Within You, It's Just Learning How To Use It.

- Arian Samouie

Course Module Information

Watch an In Depth video of everything that is covered in this course.

In this module we talk about what trauma actually is. You will get a much better understanding of how common trauma is and what happens to you during the experiences you’ve had that falls into the definition of trauma. This is what creates the parts of us that we need to give attention and heal.This module builds the foundation of your understanding of how you work as a human and what needs to be done in your healing journey.
In this module we start exploring and learning how your vehicle works. It is very valuable to understand that there are parts of you that you are unaware of. The healing journey is to raise self awareness. But what are you raising the awareness of? The self. The parts of the self that you are not aware of. This is huge for being able to take back control of your vehicle and point it towards the life you want to create for yourself
On the healing journey you hear the term “Shadow work” mentioned many times. But what is shadow work? In this module I give you a clear explanation of what shadow work is and why it is a very big part of your healing journey. I explain what the human shadow is and how it plays its role which creates the unconscious patterns and habits that we have. Understanding the human shadow is one of the most powerful parts of your healing journey. It raises your understanding of how you work as a human.
What are our feelings and our emotions? You are an emotional being that thinks, not a thinking being that feels emotions. Emotions are your truth in any given moment. In this module you will learn why you feel and how it’s a constant communication for you. We grow up being taught that how we feel is wrong and because of that we learnt to automatically stop feeling emotions before they can even come up. You will learn how to start feeling again so you can start using the communication in the way you need to in order to heal these parts of yourself.
Your thoughts create your reality. To get a much deeper understanding of what thoughts actually are is how you take a hold of what is being created in your reality. Your thoughts are so much more than you have ever known them to be. In this module I teach you what your thoughts are and what’s happening in your mind. I explain how we become addicted to certain thoughts and how you can start choosing which thoughts to align with. To be able to choose which thoughts to align with, is one of the most powerful ways you take back control of your life.
Our beliefs are what make us into who we are. Your beliefs about yourself are subjective. But why does it feel wrong when you say something positive about yourself? That’s because most of your beliefs are unconscious to you. In this module I explain exactly what a belief is, how we come to form them, how to bring to your awareness what your unconscious beliefs are, and I’ve also added a very POWERFUL worksheet which changes any beliefs you have about yourself to a more desirable one.
One of the biggest things that keep us from being able to heal ourselves is our perception of what the ego is. The ego has such a bad reputation for being a part of you that is against you, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In this module I will show you how the ego is the parts of you that have been keeping you safe. This course will teach you how to accept all aspects of yourself which is what your healing journey is. This is one of the most valuable lessons you will learn.
We don’t know what we don’t know. All spiritual paths are towards self love. We cannot emotionally heal without practising self love. But what is self love? In this module we go through exactly what self love is so that you know if you are practising it or not. We all grew up with our own version of love, but to love has its own definition You will learn what love is and be able to start accepting and loving the rejected parts of yourself.
You are not a single thing. You are an ecosystem. One of the biggest parts of what makes you, you, is your inner child. By not understanding what the inner child part of you truly is and how to meet the needs of your inner child, we are not able to heal those parts of ourselves. In this session you will learn what the inner child is and how to heal these parts of yourself. Your inner child has more to do with your life than you would think.
Why does anyone meditate? What is meditation and what’s the point? In this module I teach you why as humans we even have the ability to meditate. I explain how powerful meditation is and why anyone would meditate. This course is mainly about teaching you how you work as a human being so you can take that knowledge away and use it whenever you need, understanding how valuable meditation is, in life, is a GAME CHANGER.
The MOST UNIQUE part of this online course is “The Integration Process”. This is a VERY POWERFUL healing process that I put together which gets to the root of any aspect that is trying to get your attention. I teach you in great detail how you can use this process to emotionally heal yourself. This is A GAME CHANGER. I have used this process myself and this is what I teach to all of my clients. And the feedback I can personally give myself, as well as the feedback I get from my clients, speaks for itself. This process can make you feel instantly different. It's that powerful. Like I said, THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER

Customer Reviews

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What Others Had To Say about this Course

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Julie Helligso

I have completed the online course on how to heal myself and I have started it over because this is a life long journey. I would highly recommend the course because each module is complete on its own, but also builds for a deeper experience. I learned so much about myself, the wounded parts of myself. I have shut down and rejected my wounded selves instead of listening to and embracing. Those parts should not be hidden and ignored. I needed to accept and ask why instead of telling the abused 12 year old me to be silent. I was doing the same damage that abusers had done. The course gives reasons why we need to listen to the ones crying or raging inside. They have important information for our welfare and deserve our attention. This course is a life changer and I can see myself going back a third, fourth, and fifth time to continue the healing of myself that no one has taken the time to listen to much less heal...that includes me. I am listening now. Thank you for creating this brilliant course.

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Mi Thompson

I have just completed the online course and I am ready to continue the work it takes to heal myself. I am so excited to have the tools and knowledge of how I work. I am giving myself the best form of self-love. I began the course a couple week ago and through some meaningful realizations, personal investment and expert guidance with Arian, I have started to find peace. Real peace... like authentic awareness that I am not broken, that I am a beautiful human. The people I hold dear in my life have already noticed a significant change in the way I respond to them and the love I give myself. I know this is a lifestyle change, I am ready to invest the time because I have already seen some of the outcomes and it is Magical. This course is priceless in every sense of the word. Don't wait.

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Sara Rounds

This course is life changing. I’ve felt like a chameleon my whole life, Arian’s course gives you the tools you need to discover your authentic self in a healthy way. Anyone I meet that is aware they’re on a journey, I highly recommend Arian 💕

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, this course concentrates on teaching you how you work emotionally as a human, and how to heal yourself. The things that you will learn in this course apply to every human on the planet.
That’s ok. You are not required to consciously remember anything as your subconscious remembers everything. You already have everything you need within your being, you just need to learn how to use it. This course teaches you how to be able to do that.
The modules range from about 25 - 40 minutes on average. Some are longer than others, but they have been created in a way to be able to digest the information comfortably.
Yes of course you can. This course is to teach you how you work and we all learn differently. The reason you have lifetime access to this course is so you can come back to it in the future if needed.
No. The videos are only accessible through the course page.
Lifetime access means that once you purchase this online course, you can use your login details to come back and digest the information as many times as you want, for as long as you want. Your access to this course will never expire.

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All products can be purchased with different currencies.
Prices may fluctuate slightly due to the dynamic nature of currency conversion rates.

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