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Distress without resolution.

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In the moment of trauma, we experience distress without any resolution. This activates the survival mind and causes a split in the consciousness.

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Trauma isn't only when big things happen such as a car crash, abuse or death in the family. Trauma happens so much more throughout your life.

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Our global understanding of trauma is still outdated. Trauma is the reason we feel the way we do. There is a way of healing it.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma happens all throughout your life. It’s the reason we feel the way we do. Learn what trauma is and how you can heal from it.

At any moment of our lives where we would experience distress without any resolution, this would cause our survival mind to kick in. The way we keep ourselves safe in these moments is by fragmenting our consciousness into aspects.

In that moment we would take on one of the aspect, and reject the other one, putting it somewhere we don't have access to, which is our subconscious.

This shapes our personality and how we feel emotionally. We have unconscious unhealthy patterns that make us feel the way we do because of these disowned aspects. The way we resolve them is by accepting these aspects within ourselves with self love.

To understand more about what happens in the moment of trauma, watch my video below.

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Heal Yourself

Learn how to heal your trauma yourself.

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