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The fragmented parts of us.

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In a moment we experience trauma our consciousness fragments and creates aspects.

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As our way of surviving, we take on the aspect of ourselves that will keep us safe in that moment.

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And put the other aspect somewhere we don't have access to, which is our subconscious.

Our Unmet Needs

When we experience trauma, our consciousness fragments and creates aspects.

Humans are emotional beings that have needs. This is how we work. The aspects that we deny, reject and disown also have their own needs.

Our emotions are a guidance system to let us know if we are in or out of alignment with our natural state. This means when we have feelings such as anxiety, fear, anger, guilt or shame, our guidance system is showing us the wounds we have that need our attention. This is what a trigger is. It's attempting to bring to our awareness the aspects that we have pushed away in our subconscious. These are the aspects that carry the emotions we feel when we're triggered.

What we have been doing unknowingly is pushing away these aspects whenever they have been trying to get our attention. But the goal is to do the exact opposite. We need to take on these rejected aspects as a part of ourselves and accept them with self love so that we can hear what they have to say.

We need to learn how to meet the unmet needs that these aspects have had our entire lives. By taking these aspects on as a part of ourselves we're undoing the split that was created by the traumatic experience. This is how we work towards reintegrating these aspects and becoming the healed version of ourselves.

What Are Aspects?

Heal Yourself

To learn more about aspects and how to heal yourself by reintegrating these aspects along with meeting their needs, check out my online course.

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